Sept. 17, 18

  1. View overview slideshow of Milagro.

2. It’s never too late for an icebreaker!!
Get the Milagro out of your bag.
Find something to pin it to in your house.
Comb your hair if you need to, because some of us are going to break out rooms.
Come back in less than 10 minutes…then…Small groups or individually:
Show & tell the group the milagro you have in your bag.
For each member in your group, brainstorm 2 reasons why it might really represent a miracle or wish, and 2 silly/JK reasons. Please enjoy and get to know your group~
Those of you who chose to be in a no face group, you can do this individually, or you can change your mind, of course! 😀
Make a slide for your Milagro that looks like this-ish

Slideshow Touchups/1st Qtr Progress 9/13

At the close of each grading period, we will be deleting evidence of progress so your journal has only finished artwork and notes. In addition, we will work on polishing up the presentation of what ultimately will be your digital portfolio.

Directions for this assignment are here: Slideshow Touchups – 1st Qtr Progress

Sept 10,11

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001… We will never forget our Fallen Heroes

Sept 11, 2020 Fall Semester 1st Quarter Progress Period Ends

Short demonstration of painting Mayan figure.

Today is the last day IN CLASS for this short project. I will be grading next week, so you have some extra time if you need it…due Monday 9/14/2020

How to Submit Late Work

EMAIL ME: The email you send me is just to notify me you are ready to be graded and provide me with the link to your slideshow to Provide the convenience of getting right to it.–

1. SUBJECT:stating Period # & what needs to be done. For example:
“Period 3- Accordion Book”
2. In the content of the email, include the link to your journal.

[also writing “thank you” is a nice thought…you’re asking for a kindness, so be kind, it’s a good life skill…]

Sept. 8,9

Logan Live will be produced weekly. Want to see the first one of the year? CLICK HERE

Today we will review how to create the MAYAN FIGURE! We will take 2 class periods to complete this work of art. During studio time, Mrs. Curson will be speaking with you 1:1 about your progress in Multicultural Art. (5 minute intervals)

Instructional Aides will be available for other questions.

Sept 3,4

Your Principles of Design Accordion book is due today at 5:00.
I’ll be grading your Elements of Art License plate as well.

  1. Review a few Journals, give props and show you suggested edits
  2. Intro – how to navigate projects on web page & about the Mayan Project!
  3. Studio time…do what you need to do AND a question: What is your preference for groupings in breakout rooms? No Audio? No Face? or , socialize during studio time: “I WANT IT ALL!”

August 27, 28

ART PICK UP SCHEDULED for next Tuesday, Wed. But watch your email for updates.

TODAY: Finish your Principles of Design Notes. Check-in with Mrs. Curson or Instructional Aide for credit for the assignment, and attendance. Post when you are ready in the chat room. YOU will need to turn on your screen and show us your notes.
If you are participating, you should be done in the next 20 minutes, but I will give you 40.

Next up: Accordion book.