As we continue our journey through this time of Crazy COVID-land, life is finally, a bit more, becoming “the usual”. Using our creative brains is one way to relieve anxiety and potentially enhance the relationships we have with those who we’re interacting with.  In this Independent Study Program, you’ve been trying a few rather unusual art projects pretty much by yourselves at home. Kudos! Now, here we go for a different kind of unusual. Why not? Call on that creative spirit, be it active or be it latent, to take you mentally out from the everyday. Play along with your Acalanes Art people and share a few snapshots of your unusual self.

I’m going to ask you to post a few visual, audio, or text files and share them with our class. All you need is a willingness to move away from doldrums by exploring your current life with a creative eye. For this part of your midterm, I am assigning 3 prompts that you may explore on your own or make into a family activity. It may be that you will “catch a glimpse of the creative ” that surrounds and resides with you and your classmates…

ACTIVITY 1 : Who is in the room?

Document who you are today! Directions are provided on the slideshow links.

You will create your slide here and then copy and paste it into your portfolio/slideshow

Acalanes Art 2021-2022


You’d heard it I’m sure. We’re living in historic times. Hmmm…but isn’t all time historic in some way?

I heard a writer say that each of us have a 200 year span in history. For example, my maternal grandfather was born in the late 1800’s. He partly shaped my mother’s life, and in turn, she shaped mine. My perspective of the world is somewhat interpreted by their influence. My grand-son, who will most like live beyond 80 years, will see the turn of a new century. How much I will shape his life? I don’t know. Though I do know family stories are retold beyond the protagonist’s life.

So here’s your task. Look around your home for an object that connects you to the past. Photograph it so you can share it with us. And, try one of these photo composition techniques when you take the photo.

        1. Dramatic Lighting – Place the object so that a single light source shines on it creating strong high lights or shadows. For your light source use a brightly lit window. A table lamp or desk lamp will work as well.
          Dramatic Lighting Sample:

2. For a more complex image, place the object in a location that tells something more about the meaning of the object.

Include the following:

  • your first name in the text
  • approximate date time frame-of-reference of when the object came into the family, or was created
  • a short description of how the object is related to your life, for example:

CIRCA 1800’S

When I was nine my family took a road trip that went to my relatives in Missouri. My brother, Bill and I found in the attic of my grandparent’s home an old trunk with a conch shell buried deep under other paraphernalia. The conch had been altered so it could be used like a horn. We wondered how something we related to Hawaii had ended up in a land locked state. Family lore told that the women settlers used it to call the men in from the fields when there was an emergency –  like Native Americans defending their land –  in the area. Knowing my family, it was more likely just used to call them in for supper.

Post your photo  in two places:

You will create your slide in google slidesand then
copy and paste it into the portfolio/slideshow, below

Historic Times

ACTIVITY 3: Out and About

Did you know the definition of out and about?     (of a person, especially after inactivity) engaging in normal activity.

GET OUT out of the house RIGHT NOW and take a photo of something incredibly interesting or ironic or scenic or not…Post the picture and tell us about it…Come on now, go outside….don’t just find something already on your phone, cheaters!